If we look at a map of the Milky Way, we can see that the Solar System occupies a very small area. On this background our planet looks like a microscopic formation. The living conditions on our planet are due to the Earth’s location in the Solar System.

The climate, the corporate production culture, and the geophysical zones form the planet’s ecology. The climate of the area depends on the distance of this territory from the equator and poles. With regard to the geophysical zones, let’s turn to the geologists. They know that even at first sight, the very large and powerful rocks have a huge number of cracks. Along these cracks there are moving rocks, the circulation of groundwater, and allocation of vapors and gases. The larger cracks in rocks scientists have named faults. In the second half of the twentieth century the scientists have identified a new class of deep faults. These giant faults of the Earth’s crust reach a length from hundreds to thousands of kilometers. Above them on the Earth’s terrain there are clearly visible long depressions such as the large East-African and the Lake Baikal depression. In areas of deep faults there is a change of the magnetic field, temperature changes, and increased seismic activity. Often along the deep faults there are active volcanoes and those that are no longer active. AU these signs indicate that the deep faults are the zones with an active energy production. Research found that these zones form a clear grid on the surface of the planet. It is oriented in several directions: North — South, East — West, northwest — southeast and northeast — southwest. In other words, this grid is formed by the meridian, latitude, and two diagonal systems of global cracks. This grid can be seen particularly well on the satellite images of the Earth with visible continents. You can see cracks in the places where they are hidden by the desert sand or large river sandbanks. Scientists believe that such clear orientation of the net of these deep faults in relation to the axis of rotation of the planet is due to the arrhythmic revolutions of our planet. It is considered that the deformations on the Earth’s crust, formed as a result of the planet rotational rate; changes, are unevenly distributed and are located at certain latitudes of the planet. Places of strong geological, magnetic and other extraordinary phenomena have been detected. They are called — «magical diamonds.» Radio signals could disappear or be damaged in those areas, and compasses don’t work, or strange lighting effects, unexpected strong air currents, time changes may appear.

Energy zones affect not only the geological life of the planet, but also the other of the planet’s shells. It is known that oceans’ currents clearly linked to the deep cracks on the bottom.

Analysis of satellite images shows that straight cloud segments and the narrow areas without clouds in cloud masses can be observed above the large faults of the continents and seafloor. It is found that the impact of the geological structures on the atmosphere reaches up to ten kilometers. Therefore, the air flows often run parallel to the active deep faults. It is noted that birds, fish, and animals migrate along the invisible lines or tracks, and the great rivers of the world flow along the zones of the regional faults. Man, as a part of the biosphere, often feels the influence of the power circuit of the planet. No wonder that the great civilizations (Egyptian, Mesopotamian, and Ancient Chinese) have arisen exactly in the areas of these faults.

The author of this article initiated two studies, which were conducted by Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor Mikhail Couric. The first study was conducted in 1999. Its goal was to establish the influence of the field of the National Ukrainian Symbol — Trident. Two containers with water were taken; the symbol — «trident» was drawn on one of them. The experiment was repeated three times for thirty days. The equipment used during the experiment: the Hungarian ion meter OP-264-1, German «Carl Zeiss» HY-2E optical device and the dual beam spectrometer of «Hitachi», Japan.

The study found that:

— the water with the symbol of “trident” had changed to the alkaline side by 0.33 units compared to the control water, and this difference was constant for three months of the experiment;

-it was visually seen that the water with symbol was more structured;

-carrot seeds grew 60% faster and com grains grew 40% faster in the water with the symbol;

-the electronic spectrum of the water significantly changed.

The second experiment was conducted by the same researcher, and was dedicated to the study of the bone influence, considering that the bones of any creature, including man, are the part of the structure of the living matter.

Bird’s bone oriented along the Earth’s magnetic field (North-South) was taken for the experiment. Water in a special container was near the bone. The control water was outside the zone of influence.

As a result of the experiment it turned out that the readings in the water near the bone have improved by 15% as compared with control water.

In the next experiment the same bone was rotated to 180 degrees, and as a result we had minus 15% for all indicators. The same bone gave a 30% difference in figures.

I gave a detailed description of these two experiments not by chance; to further demonstrate the logic of interaction between the man and the planet.

Since 1870, mankind actively began to extract minerals, to provide themselves with energy resources. Lately, every ten years, we extract and bum about 50 billion of tons of coal and much more of oil and gas. In those places where minerals were, voids formed and they were filled with water. In many countries the level of underground waters began to drop, and many small rivers disappeared. It is worth considering what happens if plants will not be able to reach the moisture with their roots.

Physical fields of the planet form the state of the atmosphere to 10 kilometers up. As a result, the air currents have changed dramatically over the past 20 years, and according to the statistics the number of natural disasters on the planet has increased by 100%. So far the planet saves itself by melting the North Pole glaciers, and the resulting water compensates its lack elsewhere on the planet. But the glaciers also have their limits and it is worth considering the impact of depletion. Now the media are actively discussing the question of extraction of minerals at the North Pole. If this happens, the consequences for the planet will be catastrophic.

Everything that happens in the world affects our physical and mental health. The test with the trident has shown that the shape actively influences the water, thus changing planet’s structure will also affect our health. Those technogenic fields which appeared as a result of human activity, also must be added here, and the picture looks pretty depressing.

In another experiment with bone, we see that the bone actively influences water condition. The human body consists of the skeleton on which organs are mounted. So the shape of the planet affects our skeletal system, and it at the same time changes the structure of water in our body.

One other factor that actively affects the condition of the water structure in the human body is our thoughts and words. Now it is scientifically proven. The word played an important role in the formation of health in the traditions and religions of all peoples.

Changes in the structure of the planet have increased the frequency of natural disasters, and how it happens in the future, no one can predict. Changes in the structure of human cells are harmful to health and lead to a change in the mind. People become more aggressive, which leads to conflicts in the family, at work, in the society and on the international level.

So the question is — what to do? Analyzing the structures that now exist (pyramids of the Giza Valley, parallel lines of the Nazca Desert, the Easter Island sculptures, etc.) which we are technically unable to repeat today, we see the planet has had some problems and thereafter saved itself.

Stop taking from bowels of the Earth what we did not put there. Achieve mutual understanding among people with political and religious differences. Identify and neutralize the negative geopathic and technological zones. This topic can be widely discussed, but there is a limit in the newspaper.

Unfortunately, the scientific staff of the older generation refuses to accept the obvious. Once, one of my radio listeners categorically stated that such a science does not exist, to which I replied: «The cancer virus has not been seen, but there is a science of oncology; one man in his time said that the Earth revolves around the Sun and he was burned at the stake.» From natural disasters if they occur, nobody will escape: neither rich nor poor.

If the reader is interested in this topic, the author of this article is ready to describe in detail the possible solutions to this problem.

Zenon Bandrivskyi

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